This device was developed unde the CITI-SENSE for validation of the technology. If you are interested in this device please check our newest development or contact us

Little Environmental Observatory

The LEOs are portable sensor packs. It measures NO, NO2 and O3 using electrochemical sensors. It also provides the current temperature and relative humidity

Ateknea Solutions

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Ateknea Solutions is a leading European engineering centre with extensive experience in supporting companies to transform their ideas and innovation projects into valuable, profitable and feasible market solutions. Ateknea provides research, consulting and technology development specifically targeted at SMEs operating in the EU, in order to boost their growth at a European level.

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The CITI-SENSE project


CITI-SENSE will develop “citizens’ observatories” to empower citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance, to enable them to support and influence community and societal priorities and associated decision making. CITI-SENSE will develop, test, demonstrate and validate a community-based environmental monitoring and information system using innovative and novel Earth Observation applications.

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